Things to Do when the Mojo is Gone

Things to Do when the Mojo is Gone

Posted 2017-03-16 by Mina Keenanfollow

Sometimes I want to craft but for some reason or other the focus is not there....inspiration and motivation right out the window.

I will think to myself 'Oh well then, I should work on that crochet blanket' or one of the other works started and unfinished. That does not often work for me.

Here are some things to do when the mojo is gone:

  • Tidy your work space - sort out that wool, those pens and get rid of rubbish

  • Organise your work space - things where you can find them

  • Re - do work space - make the space new

  • Cut pictures from old raggedy books or magazines for paper craft work. You can then arrange them, photograph or scan them in different positions and sizes for your projects

  • Cut down cloth for patchwork, quilting and sewing projects

  • Gather cardboard and cut them to greeting card sizes

  • Put projects you would like to do in order of priority in a folder or a list in your journal or work book

  • Paint backgrounds on bits of cardboard, just one can always go back and add other layers

  • Doodle - let the pen wander, draw groups of simple themed things like stationery, stick figures, flowers and leaves, simple animals, Christmas, Easter...

  • Colour in - let someone else make the lines, have a good play about with colour without judgement of what certain things 'should' look like

  • Read a magazine, book.

  • Watch a doco or movie

  • Listen to music

  • Just relax - take a break

  • Crafters are influenced by everything. In my own case, ideas grow and everything about me, everything I do adds to whatever project I am working on even if I don't recognise it.


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