Tag Pocket Embellishment for Card

Tag Pocket Embellishment for Card

Posted 2014-06-21 by Therese Bfollow
I've recently been making some party invitations & wanted to add something a little different to the front to make them a little more interesting.

I decided to make tags with images on both sides that suited the party theme and insert them inside an envelope/pocket and place on the front of the invite.

Finished invitations with tag pocket

Art and Craft Supplies

  • Card & images of your choice
  • Craft knife and cutting board
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Cord or braid

  • Method

    1. Measure out the sizes for both your outside pocket & the inside tag. The inside tag will need to be slightly smaller than the outside pocket so it can slide in out out easily. It will depend on the size of the tag you want, but you can use the measurements below as a guide.

    Template measurements for outside pocketenvelope inside tag

    2. Cut out 2 pockets for each card - one with plain cardboard for the underside (which you won't see in the finished product) and the other with your choice of card for the top. Cut out one piece of card for the tag.

    3. Place double sided tape on both sides of the plain piece of cardboard for the pocket. One side will be eventually attached to the main card & the other side will be attached to the underside of the top of your pocket. This is also the opportunity to ensure your tag is not too big to slide in and out of the pocket, taking into account where the double sided tape is. Refer to the image below.

    Double sided tape is attached to 3 of the outside edges of the plain white piece of the pocket. Remember to leave the top edge open for the tag to slide in out.

    Take the opportunity at this stage to ensure your tag is not too large for the pocket

    4. Print whatever images suit the theme of your card/invitation & place a different image on each side of the tag. I printed my images on sticker labels so I didn't have to worry about gluing them or using double sided tape.

    5. Once the tag is finished, punch a hole in the top and thread through some cord or braid so the tag is easily pulled out.

    Finished tags ready to insert into the pocket of your card.

    6. Stick the pocket in the desired position on your main invitation/card and then slide the tag in to place.


    - I have left these tags with a square top but the template also shows that you can taper the top to a point if you prefer.
    - I found it easier to use thinner card - especially for the tag so it slides in and out easily.


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