Singer 99 Handcrank Restoration 2

Singer 99 Handcrank Restoration 2

Posted 2014-04-23 by Mina Keenanfollow

This machine's balance wheel did not turn which meant nothing else moved either. The machine itself looked quite nice, was not too rusted, mostly surface rust.

Some people say not to use CRC or WD40 to free up mechanisms. They can gum up the works again. I used both.

The idea is you spray the area, leave overnight or longer - test movement, carrying on like that until the thing budges - if even ever so slightly.

This is what I understand from my readings. If you use CRC - clean it off after there is movement. Oil.

If you use WD40, oil after movement.

Only use genuine sewing machine oil.

Managed to get the balance wheel off, tapping with a screwdriver and hammer but the shaft still wouldn't turn.

Every day I put some sewing machine oil in the holes around the balance wheel area and gently tried to move it.

Never mind - patience is the thing, plenty to do while you wait.

Clean, polish and oil what you can, where you can. I didn't dismantle this area to do this.

Off came the wheel guard and bobbin winder to clean, polish and oil.

Week 2 came and went and I bought my first tool. About $13NZ, and so worth it for a girl building a fleet. So far screwdrivers and a hammer had sufficed. A gentle nudge and she was free.

A few more bits and bobs and she would be ready to test!

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