Singer 99 Handcrank Restoration 1

Singer 99 Handcrank Restoration 1

Posted 2014-04-22 by Mina Keenanfollow
My first serious attempt at restoring a vintage sewing machine. (I'm a busy girl, I have a fleet to build!)

This pic was what I had to go on, on the auction site. The reproduction cranks have plastic knobs. This one is wood - real, authentic, original.

(I'm really not snobby - I would buy a repro if I needed/wanted to).

It arrived and I was able to have a good look at it.

Twiddled and fiddled. She was siezed solid. No movement when turning the balance wheel. The guy I bought it from, seemed a little concerned at my intentions, re-iterated its stuck-ness and wished me luck.

Was only missing a bobbin cover - everything else was there. (I knew because I had been reading). I was a little scared - and thrilled.

Had fun finding out about the machine. From the serial number on the bed of the machine in front of the Singer logo/badge, I was able to find this gorgeous machine was:

  • Model 99K
  • One of a batch of 15,000
  • Birthdate of July 12, 1932 and was
  • Made at the Singer Kilbowie Factory, Clydedale, Scotland.
  • Decal Set - Filigree

  • Singer 99s are good to play with, because they are plentiful - you can pick them up for next to nothing. They are three quarter size - not as big as the sister treadles. You can get bits for them - parts are interchangeable.


    I was now at the stage where I could recognise certain models from photographs.

    It was time to roll my sleeves up and get to it.

    Man, I'm glad I can read.

    See the next steps.


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