Sewing Machine Love

Sewing Machine Love

Posted 2014-04-17 by Mina Keenanfollow

If you are in the market for a new sewing machine, consider an old one! You will pay a lot less for a second hand machine - which is a good thing, if you want to try your hand at sewing - to see if you really like it or not.

I am in love with the old mechanical machines. Most are easy to fix and maintain and the bits don't often wear out.

They feel solid and chunky - substantial and worth it. They somehow make your projects feel as if they have more meaning.

I started to look about for a new machine when I began making some Easy Baby Quilts .

I was fresh out of hospital and bored as anything laying about in bed. Two grandbabies on the way I started thinking about what I could make while laid up. The easy quilts came to mind - thought I'd get them machine ready.

Got out the machine and it didn't go. I finished the quilts by hand but was enthused for buying a new machine and set about looking online, looking at prices and reviews and YouTube video clips.

Quite discouraged at price and how tinny the machines sounded - I made a family member drag a treadle machine from the garage and into the house.

I'd bought the thing three years previous - but as I was living in a tiny little flat at the time - had not got around to looking at it or trying it out properly.

I was kind of desperate to make (sew) something (creative bent) but not up to going out of the house to look for another machine - so I set about playing with the treadle and trying to make it go nicely.

Took a week - I had it going perfectly, thanks to online research and occasional assistance from male family members with stronger hands and arms than I.

The only thing was - I fell in love with the tinkering process. Another thing the household needs to put up with - like I don't have enough hobbies already or enough to do!


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