Quick Baby Quilts

Quick Baby Quilts

Posted 2014-04-16 by Mina Keenanfollow
Make some baby quilts with what you have! A nice quick project.

A while back I collected a lot of linen on Thrift Shop expeditions. I love old cotton cloth because it is natural - has no synthetic fibres and is so easy to look after. Old cotton does not pill - those horrid funny bumpy bits that turn up after washing sheets these days. Old cotton is great for warmth and feels a whole lot nicer, cosy and homely.

Art and Craft Supplies
  • Pillowslip
  • Some kind of filling
  • Cotton
  • Needle
  • Permanent pen
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or folded newspapers
  • Material scraps (optional)

  • Method

  • Put some cardboard or folded newspapers into a pillowslip so pen marks won't show through the other side of the quilt.and draw your quilt design onto the front of the pillowslip.

  • Cut a piece of batting/filling slightly smaller than the pillowcase and slip inside. I used an old faded quilted bedspread. You could use an old duvet inner.

  • Thread your needle and sew three lines of big basting/tacking stitches ( running stitch ): One across the middle of the pillowslip and the other two halfway towards the ends of the pillowslip as shown in the photo.

  • I used arm spans of cotton doubled and knotted.

  • Add a border.

  • Determine the width of the border, then double it and add an inch or so. Cut four strips of batting slightly longer than each side of the pillowcase. Cut four strips of material to cover the batting and attach by tacking.

  • Sew a border to the edge of the pillowcase with right sides together.

  • Turn the piece over. The blue fold line is where you want to fold to hide the raw edges.

  • Fold the border piece in half and hemstitch or small overcast stitch along the (folded under) blue line to attach to the pillowslip. The long border edges should meet on each side of the quilt.

  • Add border piece to opposite side.

  • Trim border pieces to fit quilt size. Add top and bottom border pieces.

  • Trim top and bottom border pieces slightly wider than pillowcase. Fold in the corner edges to hide raw edges and close with a small overcast stitch.

  • Other

    These quilts are warm, lightweight and easy to launder. Have fun with these and gift to a baby or parents close to your heart :)


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