Paper Weights

Paper Weights

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Now that you have your Teddy Bear pieces carefully cut out of the faux fur, it's time to start sewing.

Hand Stitched Teddy Bear

Personally, I like to hand stitch all of my teddy bears. I like the quality of the bear when they are finished, especially knowing that I put so much effort and love into making every single part of him/her.

I never know if the teddy bear will be a boy or a girl until they are finished. It's a quirky part of how I work.

So, grab your needle and thread, and let's get sewing!

Art and Craft Supplies
  • Teddy Bear pattern pieces - pre-cut
  • Gutermann Extra Strong cotton in your choice of colour - you can use other cotton/thread, but I find this to be the best so far for hand stitching
  • Needle
  • Needle threader (if you're like me you will need it to see the hole and get the cotton threaded)
  • Patience and a will to succeed!

  • Method
    Body - I always start with the body.

    1. Take one side of the Teddy Bear's body, press one of the darts together, making sure that you groom the hair away from the seem.

    2. Stitch from the inside body to the edge of the body.

    3. Sew the darts at the bottom and the neck of the teddy bear together. Do this for all darts on both sides of the two body pieces.

    Teddy Bear Body and Darts

    I use a blanket stitch as it is strong and feels right for me. Some people use a sewing machine or hand sew a back stitch. Do what works for you, however, make sure that it is a strong stitch as you do not want teddy to split open unexpectedly!

    4. Press both sides of the body together and stitch from the neck all the way around the tummy to the lower section of the back. Tie off.

    5. Stitch the upper part of the back body, leaving an opening for you to stuff the teddy and do the joints.

    6. Turn the body in the right way.

    7. Take you Awl and begin to gently tease any trapped hair out of the seem. Do this all the way around.

    1. Sew the pads to the inner arm.

    Teddy Bear Arm

    2. Press the outer arm and inner arm together, sew all the way around, leaving an opening at the back of the arm to allow for stuffing and jointing.

    3. Turn arm in the right way.

    4. Use your Awl to gently tease any trapped fur out of the seem.

    5. Repeat process with the other arm.

    1. Press the inner and outer legs of the right or left together, sew all the way around from the top of the back leg where the opening is down to the front of the foot/toe area.

    Teddy Bear Leg

    2. Sew from the bottom of the back of the leg up a short way to allow for an opening to turn the leg and do the jointing.

    3. Turn the leg in the right way, gently tease any trapped fur out with your awl and then turn it back inside out.

    4. Repeat process with the other leg.

    Foot Paw Pads
    1. Take the foot paw pad and place it in the opening of the leg, right side facing in towards the fur.

    Teddy Bear Foot Paw Pads

    2. Stitch around the foot from the front of the toe to the back of the leg.

    3. Make sure that the back of the foot pad lines up with the back of the leg seam.

    4. Sew foot paw pad into the leg all the way around.

    5. Repeat for other other leg.

    Note: Some people like to tie the cotton off at the back of the foot and then start sewing again from the front of the toe to the back of the foot. I think this is a matter of personal preference.

    1. Press the left and right sides of the head together and sew from the nose down to the chin/neck area.

    Teddy Bear Head

    2. Place the gusset at the top of the nose, round part goes here. Make sure it is in the centre. Sew from the front of the nose around one side of the head and down to the back of the neck.

    3. Repeat on the other side of the head/gusset from nose to the back of the neck.

    Teddy Bear Head with Gusset visible

    4. Turn head out and gently tease out fur from the seems.


    1. Place one inner ear right side facing in, against one outer ear, fur facing in. Stitch from the bottom of one side all the way around the ear, carefully pushing fur inside as you go.

    2. Turn ear out and gently tease out any trapped fur.

    Teddy Bear Ears

    3. Repeat with other ear.

    Now your Teddy Bear has been sewn together, it is time to joint and stuff them.

    Next time I will show you how to joint your teddy bear and begin the stuffing process.

    See Part 1

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