Making Comic Book Clipart

Making Comic Book Clipart

Posted 2014-08-05 by Mina Keenanfollow
All of the comicbook clipart I start with for this site is in the Public Domain and has been thoroughly researched for legality.

I'm doing a few Halloween comicbook clipart graphics right now, I thought I'd show you how I work it - some of the processes I use.

The scanned page. I straighten it up if the scan is lopsided.

I have an old version of Photoshop - would love a new version - but alas - it ain't in the budget.

My old Photoshop is still powerful, - a grunty ol' girl like me.

I cut out an interesting panel.

Enhance it - using Levels, Contrast and Brightness, Curves plus others. I may use Blend modes.

White out the text to use for comicbook clipart, tidy it up. Depending on the graphic - sometimes I need to clean up where someone has spilled coffee or drawn on it or ripped it - you get the picture. It's then ready to use as customisable clipart.

If the graphic is interesting - I might draw in missing bits - putting the graphic back together again. I do everything via mouse. (Saving up for a graphics tablet - swoon!)

Time consuming? Can be. A lot of fun? You bet.

I'm thinking about cards - so this might be a good card topper for a teenage/adult male.

...or this one...

Sometimes I think I might make a printable or two :) ... card toppers or I make it print ready...upload to that ethereal cyber space thingamy...write up the post...

So that's the basic lowdown on how I prepare some of this work. :)


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