Finding Out About Your Singer Sewing Machine

Finding Out About Your Singer Sewing Machine

Posted 2014-06-09 by Mina Keenanfollow

A nice thing about having an old (vintage or antique) Singer machine is that you can find out about your new old baby. It is fairly easy to research your machine online and a big part of the fun, learning on the way.

There is lots of online documentation. A quick Google search will bring up:
  • Yahoo specialist groups on - singer, vintage and antique machines
  • Manuals
  • Service manuals
  • YouTube videos
  • Quilting groups and forums have information too.

  • It can become highly addictive. It is so easy to become a collector.

    Some people who have found a basic bargain machine take pleasure in 'finding' attachments and accessories to make up the original pack at time of purchase.

    Identifying your machine by serial number will tell you when it was 'born' - the date and year, the model number and the batch allotment figure.

    For a sewing machine made before 1970 you can get a printable Singer certificate

    I do suggest you download anything helpful. Some manuals that were free online previously are now only available at a cost.

    Further online searches will give you information on:
  • Where your machine was made
  • Cabinet names
  • Decal sets

  • I've been toying with the idea of making notebooks to accompany each of my machines with the following format:
  • certificate
  • info about machine
  • weight
  • size
  • sewn sample

  • when it was purchased
  • cost
  • shipping
  • back story

  • Many people name their machines. I didn't understand it at first - but when you have a few machines a name is a lot quicker to say than the brand and model number.

    People often have a number of machines set up to use for specific purposes:
  • straight stitching
  • embroidery
  • heavy fabrics

  • An accepted definition of an antique sewing machine is 100 years old, a vintage - 50 years old.


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