Fabric Yoyos

Fabric Yoyos

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Fabric yoyos (also known as suffolk puffs) are quick & easy to make. They can be used by themselves as an embellishment for a bag or clothing, used as a pretty brooch, made in to a hair clip or joined together to make a quilt or cushion.

Yoyo with centre embellishment

Art and Craft Supplies

Material of choice
Something round to trace around e.g. CD, drinking glass
Needle & thread
Embellishment for middle (optional)


1. Get your chosen piece of material and cut out a circle - the size of the circle depends on the finished yoyo you are wanting to make. A CD makes a good sized yoyo for your first attempt.

Cut your piece of material to size, using something round as a template

2. Turn the edge of the material in from the outside to the inside approximately half a cm - this doesn't have to be exact & it will depend on the size of the yoyo you are making. In the picture below, I am turning the right side of the material inwards towards the wrong side.

Secure your thread either with a knot or 3 small stitches & then make a running stitch all around the edge of the material. Try to make your running stitch as even as possible.

Running stitch around edge of yoyo.

Turn the edge of the material inwards and then secure with a running stitch

3. Once you have completed your running stitch around the whole piece of material, it should look like this. Do not tie off/knot the end of your cotton just yet.

Running stitch around edge of complete circle of material

4. Gently start pulling on the piece of thread & gather up the circle of material. It will gradually start to turn inwards. You'll need to move the gathering around bit by bit until you have the whole circle gathered.

By gently pulling on the piece of thread, the material will start to gather turn inwards.

5. Once you have your yoyo gathered all the way around, tie off your thread with a few small stitches followed by a small knot. Because of the gathering, you shouldn't be able to see where you have finished off.

Finished yoyo

You can either leave your yoyo as is, or add other embellishments to the middle to make it that little bit more special. The ideas below will show you how pretty they can look with a little bit of extra bling. Most of the embellishments are from broken earrings, brooches etc. which are just too pretty to throw away. Depending on what they are, you could either sew them on or use a hot glue gun. You could also try pretty buttons from your craft or haberdashery store

Yoyo with embellishment

Yoyo with embellishment

Yoyo with embellishment

You can add a smaller yoyo on top of the larger one sew on some beads


Make sure your piece of thread is not too short. You need the one piece to get around the whole circle of material. If you do notice that your thread is a little short & you are half way through, you can still gently gather your material where you have already done your running stitch, which will automatically give you more thread to work with.


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