Decorative Canvas

Decorative Canvas

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You don't have to be an artist to make attractive canvas art in your home. Whether it be a small canvas for a shelf or a large one for your wall, your own piece of homemade art can be made with any image you want to display plus a few other items.

A picture you love, spray paint, decoupage medium and a few other items are all you need to make your own masterpiece.

Art and Craft Supplies

- image you want to display
- spray paint in your colour of choice
- decoupage medium
- brush or sponge to spread the decoupage medium
- scissors or craft knife/cutting board if your image needs trimming to size
- embellishments of your choice e.g. ribbon, beads, lace etc.


1. Trim your image to fit the size of your canvas. I like to leave a border around the edge to show the painted area as a contrast but you can take your picture right to the edge if you prefer.

Trim your picture to fit your canvas.

2. Paint your canvas. You can paint it on with a brush however I prefer to use spray paint (best to use outside) to give an even coverage.

Canvases come in a variety of sizes and look great when spray painted in the colour of your choice.

3. Once dry, attach your ribbon if you are using it. Once I had decided to put it just on the corners, I attached it using my decoupage medium. It may look white and pastey when you apply it however your ribbon will go back to its normal colour once dried.

Play around with the ribbon to see where you would like it to go on your picture for the best effect.

Attach the ribbon to the canvas with the medium. Remember it will dry clear.

4. Now for your picture. I covered the picture with one coat of decoupage medium and let it dry before adhering to the canvas. I find it makes it a little easier to work with.

Apply the medium to the canvas and place your picture down carefully in the correct position. Smooth out any bubbles in the paper. Then apply the decoupage medium over the picture. It may wrinkle and bubble so you will need to gently smooth these out with the back of your fingernail or even the rounded edge of your brush/sponge.

Cover the picture and canvas in your medium and let dry.

5. I wanted to add some other little embellishments to my canvas to give it some extra interest and texture. Apart from beads, I had a collection of small bits of lace braid which had been dyed in colours that were similar to those of my picture.

I attached a few pieces of braid and beads with some craft glue which I think gives the picture that little something extra.

A coloured lacebraid flower with some beads fits in really well with this beautiful picture.

There are great varieties of lace and braid where you can cut out small bits and just colour to suit your project.

6. Once the glue on your embellishments is dry and they are well adhered, go over your canvas, including the flowers and beads with another coat of decoupage medium. You may like to put on a third coat if you feel necessary - just make sure you leave it time to dry in-between coats.

Your canvas is now finished, ready to put on a shelf or hang on a wall.


There are so many places to look for lovely images for your canvas. I found a large version of this one originally in a company calendar but also in the same company's magazine so I used the magazine version for the small canvas. You could also use images from adult colouring books which seem to be popular at the moment for an even more personalised project.


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