Cotton clouds with rain beads

Cotton clouds with rain beads

Posted 2013-12-11 by Fainzeefollow
This is an adorable idea for kids bedrooms and study spaces that will bring character and wonder to a room.

You will need:

- Scissors
- White thread
- Small sewing needle
- Cotton wool balls
- Beads

Step 1:

Unravel the cotton wool balls, two at a time. I used 6 in total for the one cloud I made. Multiply this if you want to make extra clouds.

Step 2:

Put the 2 cotton wool strips together and roll them back up. This will make a larger, fluffier cloud. You should end up with 3 of these, but can add a 4th if you like.

Step 3:

Stitch the 'clouds' together using white thread and a needle to ensure they will not fall apart. Try not to squash the cotton clouds during this step.

Step 4:

Cut different length pieces of thread and tie the beads to one end. I estimate 10-15cm long pieces of string are best.

Step 5:

Attach 3 or 4 beads to the cloud using the needle to thread the string through and tie at the top. Spread the beads out to make sure the cloud is balanced. Use 1 bead to put at the top so that you have something to hang the cloud from.

Step 6:
Hang the clouds anywhere you like! Mine hang above my desk by using blu tack.

These can be used for mobiles around the house or above a babies cot.

NOTE: If the clouds will be around infants ensure the beads are strongly attached and out of reach to avoid choking hazards.


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