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Make Your Own Jointed Teddy Bear - 3

by Selina M S (follow)
Selina Shapland
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Now we are ready to joint our Teddy Bear.

Jointed Teddy Bear
Jointing our Teddy Bears

Art and Craft Supplies
You will need:
1 x set of five 'T' Pins with 10 small washers included in the pack - you can buy these directly from Teddy Bear Bits online

1 x pair of pliers

Tools required to Joint our Teddy Bears

1 x cotter pin turner - this looks like a screwdriver with a U shape at the end and helps to bend the joint wires over

1 x awl - this is used to punch holes through the fur to make the joint

Strong Cotton and needle



On the inside of Teddy's Body, make sure that you have marked the dot points from the body pattern to show where the arms and legs should be attached.

Teddy Bear Body
Teddy's Body inside out - make sure you mark spots on this side where the arms and legs meet to attach to the body with a marker

1. Take an arm or leg and make sure you use the side with the dot that shows it as the inner arm or inner leg for attaching to Teddy's Body.

2. Put both the body and the leg/arm together, making sure that the dots on the inside of the fabric match up.

3. Use the awl to punch a hole through both pieces of faux fur fabric.

4. Take a 'T' pin and place a washer over the top of it.

5. Place the 'T' pin and washer into the body of the Teddy and push the end through to the leg/arm so that you can see two small pieces of pin wire sticking straight up inside the limb.

6. Put the other washer over the the two pieces of wire.

Jointed Teddy Bear No head
'T' Pin joint

7. Use your Cotter Pin Tool to move the longer ended wire away from the smaller end and begin to roll the wire down on itself.

Teddy Bear Body
'T' Pin long side rolled down

Note - you may find using small jewellery pliers easier to do this.

Teddy Bear Body
'T' Pin both sides rolled down

8. When the long end is rolled down and the end has been safely tucked up so the wire sits on the washer, you can do the other shorter end in the same way.

When this is done, your Teddy Bear has an arm or leg jointed onto the body. The limb should move freely but not feel loose on the body.

9. Repeat the process for all four limbs. Leave the head to last.

Jointed Teddy Bear No head
Teddy Bear Body is jointed now. Just the head to do

Teddy's Jointed Body
Teddy's Jointed Body sitting up. He looks like the headless horseman!

Teddy's head

1. Stuff Teddy's head before doing the joint.

Teddy Bear Body
Stuff Teddy's Head before jointing it to the body

2. Make a gathering stitch around the base of teddy's head and put the 'T' pin with the washer inside his head, pulling the gather stitch super tight.

3. Tie off the gathered material. You should have two ends of the 'T' pin sticking out. This is what you will insert through the top of Teddy's body.

T pin in Teddy's Head
Teddy's head, neck gathered and 'T' Pin ends sticking out

4. Make a gather stitch around the top of teddy's neck and put the ends of the 'T' pin through.

5. Tie off the neck ends and sink the knots of the cotton inside the body.

6. Place the other washer over the two pins and use the Cotter Pin Turner to roll the longer side down.

7. Rolle the 'T' Pin down on the shorter side.

Your Teddy Bear is fully jointed.

Once your Teddy Bear is jointed, you can stuff the limbs and sew up the seems. Make sure you use the Awl to pluck the fur out of the seems after sewing them up.

Teddy jointed from the back
Teddy is all Jointed - view from his back

See this series from the beginning.

See Part 4

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